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One Moments

This site still underdeveloping process, after we got hit by code injection from Hacker and Spammers, we try hard to solve this problem and waiting from Google Search Engine to take-off our web from the malware list. We very sorry for touble you guys and we will make it more better and more security.

More Professional Content Provider

we try very hard and harder in this 4 years but still not much in result and progress, because of time and many limitations. Now we have sometimes to create and share our content and the stories about making photo by D5200.

Niche Content for Cameramans or Photographers

The Journalist is the beginer for Photography and he will learn how to do it, make good photos and share with you here.

This website will go and grab all information about how to take a photos in the simple way, we will not make it to much compliate but still maintain all important facts.

Nikon D5200 is the Currently TOOL.

We using Nikon D5200 for all purpose work in here.

  1. Go to the street, somebody suggest me to call "Street Photography" this thing make you improve the skills.
  2. Research & Study some techniques from the internet + Books !!. You will learn well if you find the correct information, you will got good result to follow the correct methods. Books are also main factor for that, its hold successful results there, you should spend sometimes for it and spend some money too.


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